A private camp plus an exclusive routine—all in one.

Take the private camp experience to a whole new level. With our three-day Choreography Camp, you’ll receive all the benefits of a private camp with the added bonus of learning an EXCLUSIVE competition piece for your team. Two of our instructors—a choreographer and one of our talented teachers—will tailor the entire three days to your specific needs, helping your dancers advance to the next level.

Mornings will be focused on technique and routines pulled from our curriculum, while the afternoons will be spent learning a routine specifically choreographed just for you. Team-building activities will also be included to help get your dancers in sync for the year ahead.

Benefits of a Choreography Camp

  • An exclusive two and a half-minute competition routine set at camp, a two-minute camp routine with formations and ripples (perfect for a performance or half-time show) and an additional combo
  • The opportunity to design your own curriculum, placing focus on skills and dance styles of your choosing.
  • The comfort and convenience of training in your own school
  • One-on-one attention from our highly qualified instructors
  • Team-building activities at the beginning and end of each day to help your team get to know each other, build unity and trust, and set goals for the year
  • The option to recognize individual dancers with awards for improvement, technique, hard work, or other areas of focus


To ensure our camps run smoothly we ask that you provide the following:

  • Each room should have adequate sound equipment to play an iPod and/or CD.
  • On the first day of camp please have access to a TV and DVD player.
  • To hold your spot a $1,000 deposit is required. The deposit is deducted from your final camp payment.
  • We ask that you arrange for room and board for our instructors while at camp and transportation to and from the airport.  We cover travel expenses.
  • Your dancers should be conditioned for camp.  It will be demanding and we want to ensure they get the most out of the experience.

Please note our Choreography Camps run three days.  Book your gym or dance rooms accordingly for dates in June, July or August and have secondary dates in mind in case we’re booked.

Choreography Requirements

  • You are responsible for providing us with the competition rules and regulations for your routine.  It is also helpful to send your choreographer a video or idea of what a winning routine in your division looks like or contains so he or she has an idea of what you’re competing against.
  • You are responsible for providing any specifics of what you would like or not like in the routine (e.g., specific leaps, turns, tricks, etc.).
  • You are responsible for cutting your piece of music and getting it to the choreographer at least THREE WEEKS before camp to allow the choreographer ample time to create your original piece.
  • You are responsible for pre-picking the dancers who are to be in the dance if there are more dancers than spots in the dance; there is not enough time at camp for the choreographer to choose on spot who should be in the routine.
  • The choreographer will set the entire routine during camp, but you are responsible for cleaning the routine as time is limited. You may video tape the routine to use as a guide.

How to Signup:

  1. Go to our PDC Staff page and select the type of routine you would like choreographed. You can choose from jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, pom, kick or military.
  2. Choose a choreographer.
  3. Go to the sign-up page and select “choreography camp” and fill out the necessary fields.

Questions? Email Brooke at info@precisiondancecamps.com


At choreography camps, dancers receive nearly 6 1/2 hours of instruction time each day. You will have the opportunity to customize your own schedule based on your team’s needs and interests.  Below is a sample schedule.


Utah and Idaho

# of Dancers # of PDC Staff Tuition
16+ 2 $165/dancer +$550 for choreography

All Other States*

# of Dancers # of PDC Staff Tuition
16+ 2 $190/dancer +$550 for choreography

We require a 16 girl minimum for choreography camps. For teams smaller than 16, please contact Brooke at info@precisiondancecamps.com for a quote.

*Pricing for camps in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada may be subject to increase due to the price of airfare.
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